Packing Made Easy

I have a love hate relationship with packing. The OCD, organized side of me loves getting everything in order and perfectly arranged in my luggage. The other side of me gets anxious I’m forgetting something… I’m sure you can relate!

I have to give my company PurseN some props for making my Costa Rica packing experience turn from last minute total scramble to finally having some peace of mind! One of the perks of designing travel accessories is having everything I need to stay organized before, during, and after my trips.


This trip wouldn’t be complete without the proper reading material, shades for that Costa Rican sun, and a few more PurseN items. The Pill Organizer below (on the top right) is the bomb! Call me a soccer mom all you want, but anytime someone needs Advil, allergy medicine, Band-Aids or just a little extra vitamin C, I am your girl. And don’t worry, that Leatherman multitool knife isn’t going on my carryon 😉 SauvignonBlue-CostaRica-Packing-778-8 SauvignonBlue-CostaRica-Packing-778-5

This is my far my favorite toiletry case we have designed so far, the Amour Travel Case. It not only expands and has a hanging hook, but it also has 5 removable pouches, a space for all your bottles, and these handy dandy cases below for your toothbrush and razor. Most of the time I keep it packed with my necessities so I can easily grab and go for the weekend, week, or however long!SauvignonBlue-CostaRica-Packing-778-6 SauvignonBlue-CostaRica-Packing-778-7

And last but not least for the “PurseNized” vaca (I know, so cheesy right?) is the Travel Tote. I’ve come to love this tote for the plane since it’s large enough to fit everything I need, while at the same time keeping it separated and easy to find what I’m looking for. Lucky for me, this bag can also double as the perfect beach bag! SauvignonBlue-CostaRica-Packing-778-9

Adios USA! Can’t wait to explore what Costa Rica has in store for me and share it with you all when I return 🙂


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