Home Office Inspiration

If you have a home office and actually use it often, you know it’s a very special place. Whether you use it for for your full-time job or you’re like me and use it for side projects, it’s a place that should be inspiring and motivating. I can’t wait for the day when I have enough space to have an entire room as my home office, but for now I love my little area of my home that’s dedicated to creative work.

Here are some beautiful workspaces I’ve been lusting after!


(1) Lauren Liess17e5d32b37d6d8429e6b105e99eb51b5
(3) West Elm Blog 095359dd95a31f22a37ba63c4b7950ca
(3) Katie Stratton w1000_h1000
(4) Locally Grown


(5) Jennifer Fisher

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