Hello Again Santa Barbara!

Shortly after returned home from California I couldn’t get beautiful Santa Barbara off my mind. I was in love with everything about the city and being there only 24 hours was obviously not nearly enough.  A few weeks later on a whim I booked a trip to return for a long weekend, another spontaneous solo trip for this girl. I was all set to arrive in SB late Thursday night and enjoy my own little paradise.


I reserved this adorable little space on airbnb.com in the home of an older total hippie lady from the looks of her profile and description. It was located just into the foothills of Santa Barbara, a very quick drive or bus ride into downtown and the ocean. I definitely should have read the directions to the home before arriving around 10pm that night, because it turned into quite an interesting adventure. After following my GPS past the neighborhood streetlights onto an unpaved road, I started to question my phone’s accuracy. I opened her specific details about finding her place which read:

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.20.44 PM

So, I’m alone in the dark… driving down an unlit dirt road looking for a “light up Jesus sign and the gate with the white star”… perfect. I literally just had to laugh at myself. It didn’t take long to find exactly what she had described- a lit up Jesus sign with an arrow pointing to a very rustic gate with a white star. The pictures below were taken the next morning when I was heading out towards downtown, but just imagine finding this in the dark.


After pushing open the gate with the white star I entered her property following my cell phone’s flashlight. Immediately I could see through the windows into a room on my right that looks exactly like the pictures online, thank God I was actually in the right place. I entered through her patio with prayer flags as instructed, opened the patio door and finally arrived at my room for the weekend.

Let me just say, I’m not completely crazy. I don’t regularly go around putting myself in these situations, and it may seem like the beginning to a murder story… where you’re constantly yelling at the screen “get out, what are you doing?!”. I did my homework, read all of her many reviews, and was fully confident this was a safe place. Just maybe a little unconventional? Honestly, there are  very few of my girlfriends who wouldn’t have turned right around at the Jesus sign and headed to the closest hotel. I love every bit of it though, and if were being honest, it makes for more interesting stories later 😉


The next morning I woke up bright and early thanks to that 3 hour time difference with the East coast. Over the next few hours I walked around downtown, grabbed brunch with a delicious bloody mary,  of course, and walked all the way down the warf. The views there seriously took my breath away and I was perfectly happy wandering alone all day.







It was wonderful to be back in this amazing place. I ended the afternoon with a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc overlooking the marina… exactly how my first Santa Barbara experience began.


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