From SB to HB

My last few hours in Santa Barbara back in August I strolled around more of downtown, walked along the water and visited the Old Mission Santa Barbara. Around that same time I received a text from my new and only SB friend, Tour Guide Stephen. I reassured him my day was going amazingly, and I was checking off many spots on his list of must-sees he provided me with the night before. I was craving some beach relaxation and it turned out that he was already enjoying the sun at a small beach nearby called Butterfly Beach, away from the big touristy areas.

I parked my sexy muscle car along the water and met him in the sand. I had no idea he was so tall! Granted, the only time we spoke, we had both been seated at a bar in dim lighting. I’m sure as much as I was taken aback by his height and stature, he was probably relieved to see I no longer resembled the teenage festival chick I was dressed like when we met less than 24 hours ago. We relaxed under the sun at Butterfly Beach for a while, enjoying the waves, rocky/natural beach, and comfortable conversation.


With an almost 3-hour drive ahead of me, I headed out of Santa Barbara around 7pm that night… arrived at my home away from home in Anaheim around 10, and relaxed on the couch with an amazing glass of red wine … a nice perk when your godfather is a wine enthusiast AND makes wine. Okay fine, obviously it was at least two glasses, but who’s counting?! I only had a few days left in my post-breakup West Coast adventure, and I was going to make the most of it.

The next day after my early morning poolside coffee, I threw on my bikini once again and headed into Huntington Beach for the day. 3 years ago I had stayed in Huntington, only a few blocks from the ocean and the main strip. It was so fun to be back since it already felt homey and familiar. I strolled along the pier, taking pictures along the way of course.


Before heading to the beach to lay out for a little while, I popped into a nearby bar to charge my phone and grab a drink. I ended up meeting a man visiting on business with a few others from Asheville, NC. It’s funny how within 2 minutes of conversation with someone from the south, my slight southern accent and ATL attitude just comes right out again. I was almost laughing just listening to myself, but I couldn’t help it. This man was a riot, a salesman by nature I could tell by his charming personality with everyone around him. He was immediately very interested in my solo excursion on the West Coast and what led me there. I told him stories of my last relationship ending over a few vodka sodas. He gave me the “O no he didnnn’ttttt”, and I of course replied with “mmmhhmm, you better believe it!”.

As much I was enjoying the laughing and great conversation with my new friend, it was time to get in some beach time.

SauvignonBlue-Huntington-2 SauvignonBlue-Huntington-3SauvignonBlue-Huntington-4iPhonePics_0085


It was a gorgeous day! I couldn’t get enough of the turquoise water, my favorite color in the world. You just don’t get water like that in GA or the Carolinas. I was so used to visiting Charleston all the time, and I was quickly reminded of the ocean I truly love and have been missing out on. There is just something about southern California that makes me feel so myself, at-home and crazy happy. I felt so lucky laying there on the beach watching the big blue waves rush in, so grateful for the life I have, and for the amazing people in it.

I didn’t want to even think about the fact I only had one more full day left in this beautiful place, and I was doing my best to ignore that reality. I stayed there until the clouds came in, then packed up my things and headed back home from Huntington. Another amazingly successful day.


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