Falling in Love with Santa Barbara

The next morning after arriving in Santa Barbara I couldn’t wait to get out and explore the city for the whole day.  I packed up my overnight bag, said goodbye to my cute little SB studio in the hills and headed into town. It was still early that Saturday, probably around 8am, but people were already out and about downtown- riding bikes, taking walks and enjoying the cool morning breeze.

Downtown was way more gorgeous during the day than when I saw it the night before: the streets totally lined with trees, ivy-covered buildings and cool little allies filled with shops and restaurants around every corner.


My first mission of the day was to find some amazing brunch. I wandered around and ended up at Jeannine’s off Figueroa St., right off of the main strip downtown. There was a line to get in which is always a great sign, the menu looked awesome and it’s a family owned place which I love. After just a short wait I placed my order at the counter: Huevos Rancheros and 2 mimosas (who doesn’t like a little vacation morning buzz?), and grabbed a table on the little outside patio.

Seriously… best. breakfast. ever. Maybe it was that 2nd mimosa at 8:30am that made me so excited about this meal I was enjoying but either way, I still think about that breakfast today. And less than 3 months later when I returned to Santa Barbara for a second taste, you better believe I also got a second taste of both of these. I’ve recreated it at home but it’s never quite the same without that homemade salsa of theirs.

iPhonePics_0101After brunch I spent hours wandering the streets, taking pictures along the way. Something I love about traveling alone is there’s no one else’s schedule or wants to consider other than your own. I could stop and photograph all the little details surrounding me along the way without a care in the world.

I became obsessed with everything about Santa Barbara that day.



A few hours later I came across this outdoor Indian shop on lower State St. Something about the Indian culture really draws me in- all the tapestries, radial patterns, burning incense, vibrant colors, the intricate details and textures. I shopped around for a bit and found the perfect blue tapestry to bring home and a few other beautiful pieces. When I returned to SB again in November I came back to this same shop and picked up another larger tapestry: both are hanging in my bedroom today.


My day in Santa Barbara felt like it couldn’t get any better! But boy was I wrong. Remember my new SB friend, Tour Guide Stephen, whom I’d the night before? One of his must-sees for me to check out was the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Seems a little strange doesn’t it… but it is by far my favorite place in the city. You will find out why in the next blog post!



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