Costa Rican Countdown

Today marks my 7 day countdown until I’ll be exploring beautiful Costa Rica! People have been asking me, “who are you going with?” every time I bring up my trip, and they’re typically surprised when I say, “myself”. Although I do love a good solo vaca any day, I technically am not actually going totally alone… just with a group of total strangers.

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I’m excited to go on my first adventure with a group called Under30Experiences, a travel group for young adults & young professionals. One of my biggest roadblocks with international traveling is having someone to go with! Apparently not everyone is up for taking the time away for getaways like this. Being a single lady myself I’d prefer the safety and companionship of having someone with me for those farther away destinations. Under30Experiences makes this happen by pairing you with a group of people to share the experience with and connect with; plus they take care of most of the trip details to make everything easy and stress-free.


After holding myself back from signing up for Bali or Iceland (the ones I REALLY wanted!) I decided to dip my toes in by signing up for the Starter Costa Rica trip. After all, this girl’s still on a budget and can’t go totally crazy here! I’ll be meeting up with people from all over the continent at the San Jose airport, where we’ll then head to Playa Hermosa, Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos.

Our 5 days in Costa Rica will include ocean sunsets, hikes in the rainforest, iguanas, monkeys, local food, drinks with new friends and clear blue Pacific water. Plus I have a few extras in mind like zip lining and boat rides ;-).

Check back in to see photos from this solo/not solo adventure! 7 days and counting.

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