Bare Feet & Rosé in Venice

First of all… thats not Venice, Italy. It’s Venice Beach, CA. I wish though!

Earlier this month I packed up my bags and headed to SoCal for a long weekend away. I have this habit of periodically browsing plane ticket prices and came across a deal I just could resist. $178 for roundtrip/nonstop ATL to LAX, how could I NOT jump on that?! I am fortunate enough to have some amazing friends to see out on the west coast, so I figured why not take myself away to my favorite part of the country. I packed up my very organized bag (benefits of working for a organizational travel accessories brand!) and headed out to those beautiful blue ocean waves.


I started my trip out by heading to Venice Beach for the afternoon. After walking the pier I spent the rest of my time  enjoying the views, grabbing a little rosé love, and exploring the scenery. A perfect way to begin the trip!


SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-3SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-1 SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-4

SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-7 SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-5 SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-6 SauvignonBlue-Venice-Beach-8

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